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  Welcome to visit shandong tongtai group corporation's Official website
Shandong Group Corporation is a professional manufacturer of grain processing equipment and is a new joint-stock company. It is located in a beautiful coastal city ----- Rizhao.
The Company moved to Rizhao High-tech Park in 2007; its new plant covers an area of 160,000 m2 and the floor space of 65,000 m2.
The company adheres to management philosophy of people-oriented and honesty, has gathered a large number of highly qualified scientific and management personnel, with the advantage of human resources and competitive technique.
The company built up the solid foundation, with sophisticated manufacturing and testing equipments, testing facilities, the overall R & D and production of casting, machining, heat treatment, physical and chemical metrology, testing, experiment and CAD computer-aided design after 70 years of development.
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Address:No. 189, Liaocheng Road, Shandong, Rizhao City  
Telephone:+86-0633-8285253 8286807 Fax:0633-8285655  
Email:sdttjt@sina.com   sdtt0960@sina.com sdttjt@163.com
Tongtai pump industry:0633-8285027/8285573 Tongtai Grain:0633-8285575/8285648
Pressure vessel:0633-8289105/8286858 
Low voltage electrical apparatus:0633-8286857